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First, thank you for your visit to We took a week vacation in Aspen and took down all of our favorite places to go with your guide Paul Richards.With fresh eye's on this wonderful city Richards takes us through the Outdoors, Art Gallery's, City Dispensary's, Restaurants, Bars and more in this full featured Magazine Review. Get ready for some fun in Aspen!

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Paul Richards
Editor: Paul Richards
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Table of Contents:

2 Introduction

Aspen in the Summer

Talking with locals July 4th weekend is perhaps the busiest time in Aspen. This year the fireworks show was spectacular and even though the township soaked Ajax mountain there was still a small forest fire the fire department had to deal with. But let's talk Summer in Aspen. Summer time opens up all new tourist and recreational local fun such as: Rock Climbing, Hiking, Tubing, Kayaking, Fishing and Shopping. You can head right into town for some "Open Air" shopping or head East and take a dip into Roaring Fork River. If your feeling adventurous head west past smugglers cove and take a jump off Devil's Punch Bowl (covered in detail futher on...)

Summer Issue 2014 3

Art Gallery's in Aspen

Aspen Colorado has some of the very best art galaries available this side of the Rocky Mountains. Art Collectors from around the world make the pleasurable stop in Aspen Colorado to purchase some of the worlds most inspiring and rare art work from North America. Take Valley Fine Art for example who is a well known cornerstone of Western Art Scene. (Picture the right)Artist: Michael Charron | Title: "Afternoon Near Mt. Princeton" | Medium: Oil on Canvas)

(Picture Above ARTIST: Marc Quinn TITLE: Eye of History, 2013 Gallerie Maximillian) From Photography, Paintings, Jewelery, and rare fossils you will find it here in Aspen. Take a leasuirely stroll through the "open air" shopping district and you will find plenty of art galleries to browse.

6 Summer Issue 2014

Valley Fine Art Exclusive Interview

Located next to Justice Snow's on the corner of E. Hyman Ave & N. Mills Rd is Aspens premier Art Gallery & "cornerstone of the western art scene". Valley Fine Art’s overall goal is to “Document change over three generations of American and Western art” says gallery curator Emily Richards as she shows off a Michael Sharon Piece that it’s called “Bring me back to the real”. Michael Sharon is a stunning artist that is local to the area. It costs $9,500. He is a new artist for Valley Fine Art and his presence brings the raw nature of Aspen and Colorado West to life explains.

Summer Issue 2014 7

Top 5 Dispensaries in Aspen

Everyone seems to have their own "Favorite Dispensary". But when you ask the shop owners what makes them differnet? I was surprised to hear "We all grow different strains of marijuana but other than that we sell many of the same products made in Denver." This is partially due to the governmental restrictions to selling edible goods infused with Marjiuana. It's the #1 reason why dispensaries are shut down. So to protect the small shop owner, they buy from large distribution company in Denver, CO.

From my finding so far, Stash is well known for being the most affordable. But the catch is that they are located 10 minutes outside town. LEAF Dispensary looks very promising as they get ready to move into a new downtown store front right next to the Little Nell Hotel. Green Dragon, seems to have a local following and offer a variety of products we will get into. And then finally, SilverPeak, seems to have the best looking shop, most helpful employees and best menu.

6 Summer Issue 2014

Alternative Medial Solutions

Located 106 S Mill St is Aspens premier medical marijuana dispensary. Focused on Medical Marijuana You can tell right away that Alternative Medical Solutions is place to go for Medical Grade Marijuana. It's clear most of their patients appreciate their "Medical" approach which is sometimes blurred with recreational users.

One of the interesting choices Alternative Medial Solutions offers is a product called "Organic Roots" which is a marijuana infused Salad Dressing. There are so many new products local can find a huge variety here.

Summer Issue 2014 7

Green Dragon

Located 400 E. Hyman Ave., Unit 1A is Aspens downtown dispensary. The location is super easy for a quick stop in Aspen. With two main display cases one offers a decent selection of edibles. And the second display case offers almost 20 different marijuana strains.

Here you can see the Green Dragon edibles display case offering products manufactured in Denver, CO, ranging from: drinks, chocolate bars, candies, brownies and cookies.

8 Summer Issue 2014

SilverPeak Dispensary

Located 520 E Cooper Ave is one of Aspens most popular downtown dispensary. The current location will be doubled in size in the next 3-6 months, to accomate growth. The best put together Menu I saw in Aspen during our stay. Here is a picture.

Here you can see the SilverPeak Display menu. One of the local favorites is called a "Awakening Script" that is described as a "Infused capsule". It can be purchased in either a AM or PM version.

Summer Issue 2014 9
10 Summer Issue 2014
Summer Issue 2014 11
12 Summer Issue 2014
Summer Issue 2014 13

Test Footage: For me Test Footage is the most important decision making factor involved with choosing a new PTZ Webcam. Conference Room Systems not only offers test footage for all the above cameras, but we offer live demos every friday (See more page...) In May, we released a 8 video MS Lync test footage series which includes most of the cameras you see above. GoToMeeting and WebEX test footage will be complete end of June with many more software, and video conferencing test footage to come...Friday Webinars are also recorded and available for replay on YouTube, SlideShare and

Field of View is another extremely important camera specification to be considered. This can really help you narrow down you choices, (no pun intented). Using the interactive version of our comparison chart allows for details to be compared on the fly when you are honing in on your choices. In June, we have 2 New Cameras to add to our list. The HuddleCamHD 3X Wide made with a real SONY module for 1920x1080p at a 90 degree field of view.

Summer Issue 14

MS Lync Test Footage

Friday Webinars

Summer Issue 15

Moving to the Cloud Without a doubt the biggest change in video conferencing is high speed internet access. High speed internet access allows all parties whether they are on to go using 4G or in the office using corporate bandwidth pipelines to access video conferencing. The latest and greatest video conferencing software actually leverages the cloud processing power to standardize one video & audio stream to be optimized for all parties without degradation of quality. The move to the cloud is a culture shift that is leaving Traditional video conferencing bridges and gateways in the dust. Leveraging the cloud based video conferencing is easier than ever with online meeting software today. Single click log-in’s using your Google or Facebook accounts and access to MS Lync or Cisco Jabber active directories allow for one less password you need to get your meetings up and running. Services that incorporate presence such as MS Lync have made huge strides in what they can provide when it comes to a complete all-in-one solution. For example, MS Lync brings together enterprise level chat functions, active directory integration, and one click HD video conferencing all from any PC on your network. Corporate IT and AV teams are racing to re-think how this technology can make it into the Conference Room. The answer to USB based video conferencing no matter what online meeting software you end up using is choosing non-proprietary standard equipment that will work with any PC or Mac Computer. Whether you’re a Mac shop and you want to dedicate a Mac Mini to every conference room or your thinking about standardizing on the Intel NUC or GigaByte Brixx, your going to want USB technology to integrate with your dedicated PC.

Summer Issue 16

Seeing the Big Picture Looking back like we often do years after a big technology change. People are going to think wow, it’s amazing how different our meetings are today. As video conferencing become less expensive and easier to use we are going to see the general public technology adoption rates go up. At a certain point it will be so easy to integrate with your existing work flow there will be no reason you cannot set up a face-to-face meeting without even leaving your office.

Hardware follows SoftwareThe diagram to the right takes us through the Hardware/Software transition to the cloud. Interestingly enough it took the online meeting software market to come to a certain maturity before the video and conferencing hardware companies decided to take notice and make products with USB built-in. Today the shift is in full motion and our entire issue is dedicated to “Web Video Conferencing”.

Summer Issue 17

Cashing in on a Sweet ROI To the right here you can view a quick comparison of some of the worlds top online meetings software companies. Each service varies greatly in offering, feel and price. Every organization is going to find a different favorite solution. But the beauty here is that almost every offering is affordable enough for manager to say hey “Were going to make this happen with a company credit card.” And off organization go every day conducting online meetings for millions of webinars, sales calls, design meetings and more. The opportunities are endless and we have put together a “short list” of our favorite software companies.

One of our FavoritesOne of our favorite video conferencing software applications for quick and easy use is Zoom.US. The controls are so far simplified that any from an executive to your grandmother can pick up this software and make professional video calls. The screen sharing capabilities work flawlessly and the video recording is awesome. Finally the price is only $9.99 month! And they even have a free version that only restricts you 40 minute calls.

Summer Issue 18

Wireless Presentation is here with a plethora of new solutions from Barco, Crestron & Mersive. What you will find is that everybody is offering a Full High Definition 1920x1080p wireless presentation solution that is BYOD. Each solution is wholly different from the next and in this article we break down the major differences. The Crestron AirMedia is a hardware based appliance with: Quad Viewing, Remote Viewing and complete BYOD Support. BYOD Support means that it works for all computers (Windows, Mac,) and most smart tablets (iOS, Android and Windows) differences. The Crestron AirMedia is a hardware-based appliance with: Quad Viewing, Remote Viewing and complete BYOD Support. BYOD Support(Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Tablets).

Summer Issue 19

Mersive Solstice 2.0 With Mersive Solstice 2.0 release at InfoCOMM 2014 there is so much to talk about. For those of you who do not know Mersive Solstice is a brand new offering that was originally built for the goverment to provide a fast and secure wireless presentation software with absolutely no limits for resolution or the amount of simultaneuos users. Today this software offers the most advanced wireless presentation solution that people literrally ask me “What is like to have unlimited users able to wireless present during a meeting.” I tell them “it’s awsome!” Now it actually looks funny to see someone searching for VGA or HDMI cable at our meetings. Everyone simply wireless presents and shares what Mersive calls a “Pixel Landscape”.

Summer Issue 20

Enterprise Management With Mersive’s “Solstice Display Directory” otherwise known as SDS, you have the capability of managing multiple deployments on your network in one central location. Solstice Display Directory is a “thin piece of software” that lives on your server which receives updates from Solstice enabled displays on your network keeping tabs on everything from activity, bandwidth usage, status updates and license activation services. From a top level view IT managers have one easy place to manage an entire group of solstice enabled displays.

Summer Issue 21

Solstice Directory ServiceThe advantage of using SDS or Solstice Directory Service becomes even more clear when multiple networks are concerned. Think of Mersive Solstice in 3 parts: 1. Client, 2. Host PC and 3. SDS Server Software. If you have multiple networks, building or floors that you want to separate using multiple SDS deployments. This way you can segment off what the end user client will see based on the SDS service you have on the local network they are part of. So put simply when the client opens up their iPad or computer to use Mersive Solstice the software will display an option to present to only the Solstice Displays on their network. Using Solstice SDS makes sure Hong Kong isn’t bothered by New York information even if they are part of the same network infrastructure.

Free 30 Day Demo Here

Summer Issue 2014 22

Here’s a brief overview of how to select the correct size. A simple calculation is used. The only measurement you’ll need to figure this out is the distance of the furthest person in the room to the display. Let’s say you have a board room that is 16’ long. The furthest viewer is most likely seated at the end of the conference room table. For this example, we’ll say they’re about 12’ from the display. That needs to be turned into inches. We’re now at 144”. Next, divide that by 6 and get 24”. That’s the suggested height of the screen. A display with a height of 24” has a 46” diagonal. For a room with the furthest viewer being about 12’ from the screen, you should have a 46” display in order to read a 24-point font. You may think 24-point font seems large. However, that’s considered best practice when presenting a PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet. If you aren’t already, it’s a nice recommendation to your team when they present.

Summer Issue 2014 23

When planning for a Video Conference Camera installation height you will start with 51″ on center which will effect the LCD mounting height. Eye level camera heights average around 51″ on center, providing a eye level presence view for the far side. We like to have the center of the camera lens at 48″ – 51″ for seated viewers at a table.

Summer Issue 2014 24
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